Threats to Personal Wealth:

There are many threats to personal wealth and the family home. Complicated or broken family relationships can create the biggest challenge; not facing up to them and dealing now with the ultimate difficulties they could cause will only make the outcome worse. By addressing them now we put ourselves in control of how our wealth is ultimately distributed and give ourselves the peace of mind which comes with knowing that we have done our best for those we care for most.

We should all be aware of the threats to our wealth – ‘we don’t know what we don’t know’ – and too often they catch out those of us who have not planned for the expected knocks of life let alone the unexpected ones which can happen at any age. One example is that of preparing for the possibility of going into long term care. One in four women and one in six men may require some form of long term care yet thousands of homes are sold each year to pay for it. Why? Because of lack of planning and taking appropriate action now.

We will highlight these threats, clarify your position in relation to them and help you plan ahead to preserve your wealth and the value of your home.